Tips For Dressing To Best Frame Your Body Type

June 5, 2015 Clothing

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Knowing your body type and understanding what clothes emphasize its food points and camouflage its flaws is the key to presenting an attractive image, says make-over maven. Here are her tips for enhancing the three basic body types:

The Endomorph (big-boned, full-figured):

  • Select clothes that fit easily over the body and avoid tight or tent like garments,
  • To appear slimmer, try monotone dressing with jacket, skirt, hose and shoes in the same color.
  • Don’t be shy be bright colors or touches of bold prints.
  • Pull your blouse out over your skirt and wear a narrow belt of the same color. This will suggest a small waist especially when worn under a jacket.
  • Wear chokers or 40-inch long necklaces. Anything in between will emphasize a large bust.
  • Wear a long scarf from one should or under jacket lapels, not knotted at the bust line
  • Wear pins on the shoulder, not the bust.
  • Wear big earrings to draw attention away from a double chin
  • High heels make lags and hips look more streamlined.
  • Skirts that wrap or have pleats at the waist hide a protruding tummy.
  • Skirt length should be appropriate to your age and condition of your legs,

The Mesomorph (Petite, often with short waist and narrow shoulders):

  • Select fitted or slightly shaped clothes to give a sophisticated, grown-up appearance. Petite women look lost and little-girlish in loose clothing.
  • Don’t shop in Junior Departments. The clothes may fir but usually look too trendy or cute. Shop petite departments and stores where the styles are more adult.
  • Shoulder pads and puff sleeves add stature.
  • Wear red, the power color, to get people’s attention.
  • Wear hats for the same reason.
  • “Understated” translates as “invisible” on small women. Wear strong colors and substantial jewelry.
  • Match the color of skirt, hose and shoes (or at least two of the three) to give the illusion for height

 The Ectomorph (Tall, Thin, Often flat-chested):

  • Just about anything looks good on this “model” figure, but it is sometimes desirable to minimize height and thinness.
  • “Stripe” Your outfits, wearing bands of alternating colors or patterns. Each band trims height and adds weight.
  • Lots of bracelets make arms look shorter.
  • Lots of necklaces at the bust line add inches to a flat chest.
  • Wide, Contrasting belts break a long body line.
  • Shoes with ankle straps make legs look less lanky

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