1962 Clothing Trends

June 8, 2015 Clothing

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Women’s Clothing Trends

  • Women’s fashion in the early ‘60’s was similar to the 1950’s look of classic elegance.
  • Hemlines on skirts rose to the knee and just below the knee.
  • Many women were inspired by the style of Jacqueline Kennedy, who wore
  • Daytime and evening wear emphasized women’s waist, chest, and hips. Clothing Coupon codes
  • In the early 1960’s there was a disappearance of shoulder pads. Jackets, dresses, Collars tended to disappear and cowl necks, V-neck, and plunging necklines A-line skirts and square-shaped, collarless jackets. Suits and separates were extremely popular items. Most suits were solid-colored. While straight skirts and wide cut jackets complimented Mrs. Kennedy’s rather long, boxy figure, many women found that they could not achieve the look. Clothing was cinched in at the waist and created roundness to the hip and bust-line and sweaters had narrow shoulders and skinny 3⁄4-length sleeves that made the arms appear long and narrow Emerged.
  • Evening dresses were long and column-like, emphasizing a slim waist. Fabrics were easy and flowing. Ruffles added style and elegance to dresses.
  • Many evening dresses and daytime outfits had full skirts, but petticoats and underskirts had almost disappeared by 1962.
  • Sugary, pastel colors were popular in fashion and blues were prevalent in all shades
  • In the early 1960’s women became more playful with patterns. Typically patterns were simple and seen in modest colors, but more vivid patterns in louder, more vibrant patterns were not uncommon and grew in popularity as the year progressed. Patterns were often mixed—plaid partnered with polka dots and stripes paired with a variety of patterns.
  • Jewelry pieces made a statement. Jewelry pieces were frequently large and ornate, but the number of pieces worn at a time was limited.
  • While hats weren’t considered mandatory fashion pieces, hats were frequently worn to add a dash of style and sophistication to outfits. The pillbox hat was certainly the most popular hat style of the early 1960’s.
  • The pointed-toe, stiletto heels of the previous decade were waning in popularity; the toes of shoes became more rounded and heels were high to kitten height.
  • Gloves were frequently worn in 6- to 8-button lengths.
  • Purses were small and tended to match the color and/or pattern of shoes.
  • Hairstyles varied from natural-looking to elaborately styled. Coiffures, beehives, and bouffant were extremely popular, but required a lot of maintenance. 1962 brought a large increase in the number of wigs purchased. Ladies could style their wigs in advance and not have to worry about toying with their hair before an evening out. Wigs also contained much more hair, making larger than life hairstyles easy to achieve

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Men’s Clothing Trends

  • Suits were primarily single-breasted
  • Suits were broad at the shoulder and narrowed at the waist. Pants were narrow and emphasized the natural shape.Clothing Coupon Codes
  • Two-button suits were made popular as they were sported by President John F. Kennedy.
  • Dress shirts were worn in white and variations of white; colored shirts were considered informal. Variations were shown in the collar: point collars were the most prevalent, but pin, spread, and rounded collars were also popular. Many men wore shirts with French Cuffs, accented with simple cufflinks that peeked out from the suit coat.
  • Ties were typically narrow and frequently patterned. Simple, solid-colored suits were accented with dramatic patterned ties. Solid ties were often dressed up with tie clips or pins. Patterned and solid bow ties were also popular choices for men.